Job Application in PDF form.

GRET Job Application
Submitting Application process:

A. Email:
1) Download file
          2) Save to hard drive/usb
          3) Open PDF
          4) Click on Sign at top of page
          5) Click on Add A Text
          6) Move cursor to area of page and click
          7) Input information
          8) Once completed, click on File, Save As,Type File
              Name, and press Save. File name can replace
              existing document or new one can be entered
9) Attaching file to email to:  kim.tsosie@gretliving.com.
                       Subject line:  New Application-Last, First Name

B. Fax:
          1) Print PDF
          2) Fill Out Information
          3) Fax to:  505-333-7156
C. Mail:
          1) Print PDF
          2) Fill Out Information
          3) Mail to:  GRET
                            C/O Kim Tsosie
                            P. O. Box 2302
                            Bloomfield, NM  87413